Use of Industrial Air Compressor. Air compressors are an important piece of equipment for a wide variety of industrial applications. Industrial Compressors In Food Industry. Rotary screw air compressors compress food grade air, which can be used to cut and prepare food products for packaging and distribution to the supermarkets.

Use of Industrial Air Compressor

Industrial compressors are vital pieces of equipment across a wide variety of manufacturing plants. Sometimes referred to as the fourth utility, maintaining a high-end supply of compressed air is just as important as paying the electricity bill for many shops and manufacturing operations. The purpose of the compressor is to circulate the refrigerant in the system under pressure, this concentrates the heat it contains. At the compressor, the low pressure gas is changed to high pressure gas.

Air compressors have many uses, including: supplying high-pressure clean air to fill gas cylinders, supplying moderate-pressure clean air to a submerged surface supplied diver, supplying moderate-pressure clean air for driving some office and school building. There are 3 styles of air compressor commonly found in mobile industrial applications: ReciprocatingPiston CompressorsRotary Screw CompressorsRotary Vane Compressors.

101 Uses of Air Compressors

Typical industrial air compressor uses include spraying crops and ventilating silos in agricultural facilities, running pneumatic machinery in manufacturing plants, operating laundry presses in dry cleaners and various processes in food and beverage manufacturing, oil and gas operations and more.

  • Airbrushing: Probably one of the most creative reasons for buying an air compressor – finding an artist who can customise your vehicle by airbrushing a motorbike, scooter, car or even a motorbike helmet. These require the smaller size air compressors.
  • To power a Snow Machine: Make your own snow, use an air compressor to make your own snow at Christmas and you will be the heart of the party!
  • Use Air Compressors to inflate tyres! For the safety of the vehicle, inflating tyres is a job that should be carried out regularly. To name a few – cars, bicycles, vans, motorbikes and so on. Although, in the UK some car manufacturers aren’t supplying new cars with spare tyres because people simply can’t or won’t repair a tyre.
  • Air Compressors are the heart of Pressure Washers! Pressure washers are so much fun – you’ll be asking your neighbours to clean their driveways and cars after you’ve finished yours!

Air Compressors power nail and staple guns, but handle with extreme care! The first nail gun using air pressure was introduced in 1950 to speed up housing construction. An operator could nail 40-60 nails a minute! Basically, the gas pressure pushes directly onto the nail to drive it in to the timber (direct drive), or the ‘indirect drive’ pushes a piston which drives the nail – both types can be used on stone, concrete and steelwork.

Air blow gun: Useful for cleaning dust off work benches or out of machinery. The pressure isn’t as high as a pressure washer which would probably damage the item being cleaned – it merely is a tool for blowing out dust and dirt in a targeted fashion.

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Industrial grade air compressors will be the workhorse of a manufacturing plant or the reliable power source on an oil rig. They are designed to provide a steady flow of compressed air for long periods of time and can take fluctuating surges in use typical in major manufacturing plants.

Screw Industrial Air Compressor as extensive use of Industrial machine in one of the operation to pay attention to what aspects of the problem? Screw Industrial Air Compressor supply voltage is too low. Breathing Air Compressor motor problems, this is more complex, Industrial Air Compressor general technical strength is strong Industrial Air Compressor manufacturer of this problem in probability is low.

Use of air compressor in pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most strictly regulated industries in the world. Anyone wishing to manufacture medicines must abide by ‚Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP1) guidelines, the European Pharmacopoeia2 , various guidelines from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and recommendations from the ICH3 (International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use).

Why air is not always air
Any form of compressed air will contain particles of contaminants. These can stop a pneumatic system from functioning as it should and may lead to production quality issues. These will tend to occur if the process air comes into contact with the product.

Various types of contaminant are possible, with the ambient air or intake air susceptible to contamination with almost any kind of particle insert including pollen, dust, hydrocarbons, or heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, or mercury. During blow-off from a pneumatic system, there may (though not necessarily) be direct contact with the product. And this may result in contamination of formulas due to the extremely high particle density involved.

Certain considerations include

  • Does the compressed air application involve direct or indirect contact with products?
  • What volumes of compressed air are involved?
  • Is the manufactured product a sterile medicine or is it microbiologically unstable?
  • Are other contaminants (particles, oil) normally associated with compressed air of particular significance in relation to the medicine?
  • Is the product sensitive to moisture?

PureAir compressors

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