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Screw Air Compressor Singapore – Rotary Screw Air Compressor

A rotary-screw compressor is a type of gas compressor, such as an air compressor, that uses a rotary-type positive-displacement mechanism.

What is a Rotary Screw Compressor used for?

Businesses that need a lot of compressed air – from garages to workshops to production facilities –  often turn to rotary screw compressors. And why not? Compared with reciprocating machines, they offer greater energy efficiency, higher air capacity for the size, and more uptime.

The basic principle of a screw compressor is that the male and female rotors are spinning in opposite directions. This draws air in-between them. 

Rotary screw air compressors operate by trapping air between two meshed rotors and reducing the volume of that trapped air as it moves down through the rotors. This reduction in volume results in compressed air, which can then be used to power air tools, inflate tires, or in numerous other applications.

Rota-Screw NKP E Series – ROTORCOMP Screw Compressors (IWATECH-IWATA)

Rota-Screw NKP E Series – ROTORCOMP Screw Compressors (IWATECH-IWATA)

Rota-Screw NKP E Series – ROTORCOMP Screw Compressors (IWATECH-IWATA) FULL RANGE OF COMPRESSED AIR PRODUCTS, CUSTOMIZATION OF COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEMS AND CONDENSATE MANAGEMENT ARE AVAILABLE When it comes to modern-day, industrial-grade machinery, few products are more important — or versatile — than rotary screw air compressors. These units flex their mechanical muscles for a range… ...

Industrial Uses / Applications for Rotary Screw Compressors

Rotary Screw Air Compressor is a compressor that uses a rotary-type positive displacement mechanism, called a rotary screwair-end.

Rotary Screw Compressors are commonly used to replace piston compressors, in commercial and industrial applications, where large volumes of high pressure air are needed.

1. Construction

Construction industries use Rotary Screw Air Compressors as well as other types of Air Compressors for a range of pneumatic tools and equipment. Depending on the construction task at hand, variable flow streams will be needed, and rotary screw air compressors will be found in powering jackhammers, nail guns and compactors.

This industry’s air compressor uses also cover powering other portable tools, as compressors offer a mobile power source that won’t overheat or unexpectedly surge. In both indoor and construction sites, this is an essential safety element.

The construction industry cites these compressors as the most efficient sources for bulk drilling, handling and lifting operations. They power dozens of these equipment types across various sectors like infrastructure development, road building, demolition, as well as commercial and residential projects big and small.

2. Manufacturing

Perhaps no industry relies on the multifaceted nature of compressed air as much as manufacturing. From plastics and metal fabrication to food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging, rotary screw equipment not only enhance manufacturing productivity — they are at its core.

In food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing, contaminant-free and tightly sealed products are mandatory. Rotary screw equipment delivers that clean seal while also powering things like conveyor belts, sprayers, presses and packaging.

Applications of this equipment also extends to plastics and other molding and shaping manufacturing. Steady and robust air streams provide product finishes as well as formings and cleanings.

3. Agriculture

Farming operations require long days and heavy, expensive machinery. Some of these machines that sit at the heart of agriculture include tractors, sprayers and pumps and crop conveyors — all of which are powered by various air compressors.

Other contemporary agriculture machinery, like those used in dairy farms and greenhouse ventilation, require compressed air to distribute steady, clean air throughout parts.

Compressed air can also be shot through pipes and irrigation systems to properly winterize them in colder agricultural regions, water-proofing their interiors and maintaining their quality and longevity.

4. Energy Sector

Oil drilling has found particular functionality in air compressors. In oil rig operations alone, dependable and safe drilling equipment is imperative to the safety of the crew. Even the smallest malfunctioning part or stalled power source can interrupt operations — or put the entire crew at risk.

Beyond extracting oil, other rig tasks need the secure and controlled energy sourced through air compressors.

They are unique in their spark-free delivery and stable outputs, all of which are top of mind in operations as delicate and isolated as oil rigs.

5. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Rotary screw models are frequently built into the air-sourcing and heat pump systems of HVAC units. These parts routinely perform what’s known as vapor compression refrigeration, where the rotary screws compress air vapors, raising their temperature and modulating the all-important refrigerant cycles that signal the cooling of HVAC systems.

This relationship is the central function of many HVAC units and allows for their personalized temperature adjustments. Whether HVAC units control the climate of large-scale warehouses or cozy residential apartments, they rely on numerous rotary screw systems and air compressors daily.



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