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Oil Free Air Compressor – Package Type & Piston Type

The two most common pump designs in air compressors used by contractors are: Oil-free: This type of compressor does not use oil on the cylinder walls. Oil-free designs depend on the self-lubricating materials to allow the piston to slide in the cylinder and the grease in the sealed bearings.

ANEST-IWATA Oil-free Scroll Compressors

Oil-free Scroll Compressor: SLPA Series (15kW and below) | ANEST-IWATA Oil-free Compressors

Oil-free Scroll Compressor: SLPA Series (15kW and below) Anest Iwata was the first in the world to develop air-cooled, oil–free scroll compressors. Useful in a wide range of outwork applications including building painting, construction and stone processing. What is the advantage of an oil free air compressor? Switching from an oil-flooded to an oil–free air compressor provides operators with significantly lower maintenance requirements,… ...

Oil-free Scroll Compressor: SLPA Series (22kW and above) | ANEST-IWATA Oil-free Compressors

Oil-free Scroll Compressor: SLPA Series (22kW and above) Anest Iwata was the first in the world to develop Air cooled Oil Free scroll compressor. It has been launched in 1991. Expanding a series of the Oil Free scroll compressor with the superior technical knowledge and experience. Applications of Scroll Air Compressors | ANEST-IWATA Oil-free Compressors… ...

How do Oil Free Compressors Work?
Oil-free rotary screw compressors utilize oil for lubrication of bearings and gears, which are isolated from the compression chamber. The lubricating oil, therefore, does not cause compressed air contamination.

Oil Free Air Compressors are used when there is a need to meet the Highest Air Purity Standard

Air purity is critical for many applications where even the tiniest drop of oil, or air contaminated with oil can cause product spoilage, product recall or damage production equipment.

Various industries have developed stringent quality standards to ensure safety of both manufacturing processes and end customers. Oil Free compressors are guaranteed to meet ISO 8573-1 Class Zero.

Oil-free air compressors can be the perfect solution for the compressed air applications where meeting the highest air purity standards is key. A 100% dry oil-free air supply can be achieved with the use of a number of different oil-less compressor technologies such as scroll, water injected screw , 2 stage dry screw, depending on your requirements.



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