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Air compressor systems are also required for industrial aerobic fermentation processes. Installation of air piping works for air compressor; PLC Controller Box for air compressor. Ensure high-quality compressed air and improve profitability and lower operating expenses. Oil Free Air Compressor, Air Compressor, Electric Air Compressor.

Air Compressor Installation

Air Compressor Singapore by Aalii Pte Ltd will provide our dedicated team of specialist engineers and skilled technical team to design & install the complete piping of your compressed air system, industrial chiller and industrial pump according to your business needs. Aalii Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company, able to supply air compressor and provide installation for customer.

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Compressed Air Design & Install

Install new air compressor system complete with pipe works and exhaust ducting. An option to remove existing air compressor system can be arranged.

The Air Compressor Installation generally involves the following steps:

  • We will choose the most appropriate and secure location to position your compressor.
  • We will ensure the space is enough for your operations and tool applications.
  • We will choose the the correct & required hose lengths and fittings.
  • We will stabilize your compressor and lower vibration noise by setting it on isolator pads.
  • You will have to read the owner manual to be able to follow the start-up procedure, before powering up your compressor and activating your Pneumatic Tools.

Our services involve design, sourcing, installation, testing and commissioning for turn-key projects. We will plan and manage an installation that supports our customer’s business and results in the safe and timely implementation of their project. We hope to continue to assist as you build your compressed air system and any compressor maintenance you will need along the way.