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Specifications & Safety of Reciprocating Compressor

Find descriptions of all of the air compressor specification terms for all our air compressors in this here.

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Air Compressor Specifications Sheets – Understanding Compressor Specifications

How do you spec a compressor?

Compressed Air Systems. Air compressor systems are also required for industrial aerobic fermentation processes. Installation of air piping works for air compressor; PLC Controller Box for air compressor.

Air compressor systems are also required for industrial aerobic fermentation … Another critical note on sizing: When looking at manufacturer spec sheets… PSI, or pounds per square inch, is the amount of force that an air compressor can deliver. This is the pressure rating of the compressor and is tied with CFM as the most important specification to consider when selecting a compressor. HP, or horsepower, is the amount of work that a motor can perform.

  • Specification is for an oil-free; air-cooled scroll air compressor.
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