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Importance of Air Compressor Maintenance

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Are you the new proud owner of an Air Compressor? Air compressor owners often forget the old saying that prevention is always better than cure. How many Air Compressor owners actually bother with the maintenance of their air compressors?

Maintaining your air compressor can save you both time and money down the road. A well maintained Air Compressor gives you maximum output and reliability for the years to come!

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Air Compressor Preventive Maintenance Checks

Checking Compressor Pump Oil Level

  • Unless your air compressor is an oil free compressor, do not operate without lubricant or with inadequate lubricant. Manufacturers and the company from whom you bought it from cannot be responsible for failure do to inadequate lubrication.
  • Ensure unit is off and disconnect from the power source
  • Ensure compressor is on a flat and level surface
  • Remove fill cap / plug
  • Inspect the oil in the crankcase assembly and look for dirt or debris
  • Oil should not exceed the halfway point of the sight glass

Changing Compressor Pump Oil

  • Remember, the compressor pump head and surrounding parts are HOT!

Ensure unit is off and disconnect from the power source
Ensure compressor is on a flat and level surface
Remove fill cap / plug
Place collection container underneath the oil drain cap.
Remove the oil drain cap, and let the oil drain out.
Replace the oil cap and be sure to tighten this nut securely. White plumbers tape (PTFE) is generally a good idea to help create a tighter seal. Fill crankcase with appropriate oil, be sure it does not exceed the halfway point.

Checking the air filer element

  • Ensure unit is off and disconnect from the power source.
  • Allow compressor pump to cool off.
  • Unscrew the filter top from the filter base by turning (generally) counter-clockwise.
  • Separate the filter top cover from the base.
  • Remove the element from the filter base
  • Blow out dust and debris from the filter element.
  • Replace element if needed.
  • Reconnect filter top to the base and secure filter.

By performing the following checks each time you operate your air compressor, you are saving yourself a world of pain in the future. Contact Air Compressor Singapore for Air Compressor Maintenance – Industrial Air Compressor Repair.