Air Compressor Package / Instrument Air Dryer Package. An Instrument Air Package consists of all the necessary equipment – air compressors, air receiver, air dryer and air filtration – to enable the supply of instrument quality air to a facility. Instrument quality air must be free of contaminants and water vapour, and should conform to the international ISO standard for compressed air quality.

Aalii Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company, able to supply air compressor and provide installation for customer.

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ANEST IWATA Air Compressor. ANEST IWATA Corporation. Anest Iwata was the first in the world to develop air-cooled, oil-free scroll compressors.

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Industrial Air Compressor Singapore is the global leader for the air compressing business. Beside the standard air compressor parts and equipment, we are also able to design and install compressed air systems and solutions for your industrial applications and air compressor installations.

A completely self-sufficient instrument air package can be packaged within an enclosure and shipped to the site for simplified installation and commissioning. Even the smallest of air compressor packages can be provided as a complete, pre-engineered and turn-key system.

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Facilities are dependent upon instrument air to maintain their operation. Accordingly, most Instrument Air Packages include two compressors – one operating – the other a redundant standby.

Air Receiver
An Air Receiver stores compressed air to provide additional capacity when required.

Air Dryer
An Air Dryer removes water vapour from the compressed air to ensure that no water will condense from the air when used. The typical pressure dewpoint range is -40 to -100 degrees C.

Air Filtration
Filters are required to remove oil vapour and particulates from the air stream.

Heated Enclosure
The completed air compressor package is usually installed in a self-framed, heated enclosure

Compressed air products are available as modules or full turnkey compressed gas packages.