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Biggest benefit of chosing a smaller Air Compressor is portability and offers on-demand air when you need it most.


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Looking for Best Air Compressor Supplier in Singapore? Look no further than Air Compressor Singapore by Aalii Pte Ltd; a Singapore registered Air Compressor Company, that is able to supply Air Compressors, provide design, installation and air compressor support for our customers. Contact Air Compressor Singapore today!

Supplier of MOM Approved Air Compressors in Singapore.

Air Compressor Supplier of Rotary Screw, Piston, Oil Free Compressors, Air Dryers &  Automatic Identification System (AIS) Accessories


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Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Rotary Screw Air Compressor meets the requirements of reliability, efficiency, total accessibility.

Piston Air Compressor

Piston compressors are 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-cylinder versions, corresponding to the compressed air demand or the level of pressure required of them.

Oil Free Air Compressor

Oil-free air compressors specifically developed for your applications where air quality is essential for your end-product and production processes.

Air Compressor Installation

Installing a Compressor. Compressors Dimensioning Installing an Air Compressor..Variable speed compressors provides the most energy efficient design.

Air Compressor Repair

Air Compressor Maintenance Service. We repair and provide maintenance of Air Compressor parts and Air Dryer in Singapore.

Compressed Air System Design

In order for a compressed air system to operate properly and cost effectively, it should be carefully designed to meet the needs of your business.

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Air Compressor Singapore - Air Compressor Supplier in Singapore

Air Compressor Package / Instrument Air Dryer Package

Air Compressor Package / Instrument Air Dryer Package. An Instrument Air Package consists of all the necessary equipment – air compressors, air receiver, air dryer and air filtration – to enable the supply of instrument quality air to a facility. Instrument quality air must be free of contaminants and water vapour, and should conform to…

Air Compressor Singapore Mom | Buy Air Compressor Singapore (MOM Approved)

Air Compressor Singapore Mom | Buy Air Compressor Singapore (MOM Approved); 2.5HP/24L Oil Free Air Compressor w/MOM, inspection and registration of unit with MOM… Air compressor tank to meet Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requirement. Guidelines for the registration of pressure vessel in workplaces by Authorised Examiner – by Ministry of Manpower Singapore Industrial Air…

Air Compressor Specifications | Aalii Pte Ltd

Welcome to Air Compressor Specifications section of the Air Compressor Singapore Website. Air Compressor Specifications Sheets – Understanding Compressor Specifications Air Compressor Distributor Singapore | Use of Industrial Air Compressors | Industrial Air Compressor Systems Installation | Industrial Applications for Air Compressors | Industrial Air Compressor Specification Sheets | Industrial Compressed Air Systems When it…

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We are the Trusted Air Compressor Supplier in Singapore. An air compressor converts power into potential energy by compressing and pressurising air. The compressed air is employed in several industries and may be used in production equipment, air tools and air cylinders. Browse our assortment of portable air compressors and stationery air compressors for home and commercial use.